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The marketing paradigm we know has changed. It changed because the way we communicate has changed, the brand is no longer the primary source of information or thier own products and can no longer control the idea that is thier brand.

Media is no longer merely a source of information - it has become a site of coordination.

Walter Pike of PiKE | New Marketing

Walter Pike is a well known thought leader on marketing in a social world. With a background in sales and marketing with corporates, leadership in client service and strategy in leading ad agencies and as an academic, the Head of Faculty: Marketing and Advertising at the continents leading advertising school.

He speaks at leading marketing and social media conferences, at corporate strategy sessions and is called on by Radio and TV and print media as an expert commentator on new marketing, branding and social media.

He has the huge advanatge of having been brought up in a traditional marketing paradigm but a thought leader in the new paradigm. He bridges the divide.

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  • Keynote address
  • Top management social media heads up session
  • Internal strategy conference
  • Conference panel
  • As an in studio expert on your radio or TV broadcast
  • Read Walter's blog - PiKE's Thinking

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